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Charleston Divorce Lawyers | 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself

The decision to represent one’s own interests in court proceedings is never an easy one. Watching the drama play out in the unfolding Dylan Roof trial is a reminder of this. Mr. Roof, a white supremacist accused of perpetrating the horrifying Mother Emanuel shootings,...
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Charleston Family Law Attorneys | Why Do Divorces Take So Long?

If you have ever been involved in a Family Court case, or if you have even heard about one, chances are good that you have heard complaints about how SLOW it is and HOW LONG everything takes. Even Charleston Family Law attorneys are known to complain. Why can the process be so...

Charleston Family Court Attorney | The Perils of Self-Representation

As a Charleston Family Court attorney, I’ve encountered many potential clients who are either attempting to represent themselves in Family Court or have already finished represented themselves in a Family Court case. Each of these types encounter problems with the...

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | 10 Ways to Ruin Your Family Court Case

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | 10 Ways to Ruin Your Family Court Case If you really, really want to lose in Family Court (and yes, there is a very broad definition of “losing” in Family Court, but for our purposes here, it means “fail to obtain your objectives”) it is really...
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Divorce Attorneys in Charleston | Everybody Needs a Good Lawyer

Everybody needs a good mechanic, a good plumber, and a great lawyer on speed dial at all times. You never want to get caught broken down on the side of the road, with a toilet flooding your bathroom, or embroiled in a legal controversy without having somebody you know, trust, and...
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Divorce Lawyers in Charleston | What to Expect at Your First Meeting

Going in for the very first meeting with a divorce lawyer in Charleston you may or may not choose to employ? What should you reasonably expect? Here are some things I would include on your list: 1. Were you promptly and politely greeted (both on the phone when you made your...
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Charleston Divorce Lawyer | Selling Your House During Divorce

I recently made a social media connection with a gentleman by the name of Bill Gassett, a real estate agent in Massachusetts who has done some wonderful blog work on issues pertaining to divorce and real estate. One article he wrote struck me as something that could be...
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Divorce Lawyer in Charleston | Picking Your Battles Wisely

“If you treat every situation as a life or death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.” As a divorce lawyer in Charleston, one of my primary responsibilities toward my clients is to help them decide what battles to fight and what issues to let go. Every case is...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney | Changing a Child’s Name

Changing a child’s name can be a tricky proposition, particularly following a divorce or under circumstances where unmarried parents have a falling out. It’s certainly one thing for parents to part ways, and another to hotly contest custody, but attempting to change a...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney: Can I Change My Name When I Get Divorced?

I got a phone call the other day from a woman whose husband I had represented in their recent divorce. She represented herself in the divorce, so I suppose she didn’t know who else to turn to, but now two years after the divorce she wanted to know if the Decree of Divorce...

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