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child preference custody charleston divorce lawyer

Charleston Divorce Lawyer | Custody and a Child’s Preference

Custody disputes can be among the most difficult cases for a Charleston divorce lawyer to handle. The difficulty is often compounded by the family tensions that existed long before the client ever walked in the door, tensions that are often multiplied by either a lack of or...
charleston divorce lawyer selling marital home divorce

Charleston Divorce Lawyer | Selling Your House During Divorce

I recently made a social media connection with a gentleman by the name of Bill Gassett, a real estate agent in Massachusetts who has done some wonderful blog work on issues pertaining to divorce and real estate. One article he wrote struck me as something that could be...
Charleston divorce child visitation skype facetime

Charleston Divorce: Child Visitation with Skype and Facetime

NPR recently did an interesting piece about infants and toddlers and the increasing screen time they receive in our tech-driven world. Suffice to say, doctors, parenting specialists, and others in the know all universally agree: passive screen time (movies, shows, games, etc.)...

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