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The Lawyer as Advocate and Advisor | Divorce Attorney Charleston SC

There comes a point in almost every family court case when the client and divorce attorney Charleston SC disagree on the next steps to take. These disagreements may only be over minor issues and they can be optimal times to flesh out important points of the case and strategize,...
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Charleston SC Divorce Lawyer | Co-Parenting During a Hurricane

Any Charleston SC divorce lawyer will tell you that there is an extraordinary amount of stress and uncertainty that comes along with co-parenting and complying with court orders during any type of natural disaster, particularly when evacuations are ordered and each parent would...
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Charleston SC Divorce Attorneys | Understanding Joint Custody

Custody is generally the most important issue people face when first meeting with Charleston SC divorce attorneys. So in any situation in which a divorcing couple has children, an exploration of the different types of custody is the first topic of conversation. Joint custody is...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney | 10 Ways a Client Can Help Their Divorce Lawyer

The quality of the attorney-client relationship in a divorce case is of the utmost importance to achieving a favorable result for the client. Keeping that relationship high quality requires give and take by both the Charleston divorce attorney and the client. Follow these rules...
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Charleston SC Family Lawyers | How to Change Your Name

Charleston SC family lawyers are called upon to assist our clients in having their names changed in three different situations: 1. Having a child’s name changed. The most common scenario in which a parent may wish to change a child’s name is when the child shares a...
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Charleston Divorce Lawyers | 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself

The decision to represent one’s own interests in court proceedings is never an easy one. Watching the drama play out in the unfolding Dylan Roof trial is a reminder of this. Mr. Roof, a white supremacist accused of perpetrating the horrifying Mother Emanuel shootings,...

Divorce Lawyer Charleston SC | Dividing Retirement Accounts

Dividing Retirement Accounts | Divorce Lawyer Charleston SC One very common type of asset that people will need to divide when they go through a divorce is their retirement accounts. While this seems, and can be fairly straightforward, you will need the assistance of a divorce...
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Charleston Divorce Attorneys | Guardians ad Litem and Custody Cases

As Charleston divorce attorneys, one common question that we get from our clients regarding the divorce process is: What is a Guardian ad Litem? A Guardian ad Litem (commonly referred to as a GAL) is a third party person in your case that investigates facts and circumstances...
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Charleston Family Law Attorneys | Why Do Divorces Take So Long?

If you have ever been involved in a Family Court case, or if you have even heard about one, chances are good that you have heard complaints about how SLOW it is and HOW LONG everything takes. Even Charleston Family Law attorneys are known to complain. Why can the process be so...
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Charleston SC Divorce Attorney | Understanding Alimony

As a Charleston SC divorce attorney, I seem to have fielded more questions about alimony in the first part of this year than I would have usually expected. While we have a good deal of information on the topic on other pages of this site (alimony overview, alimony FAQ, blog post...

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