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Charleston Custody Lawyer | Morality, Parental Fitness, and Custody

In any custody determination, the Court looks at several factors to decide which parent should be awarded custody of the child. These factors can include: 1) whether one parent is unfit to serve as a custodian; 2) if one parent has served as the child’s primary caregiver; 3) if...
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Charleston Lawyers | Conflict and Mediation, the Sanford Case Study

Mark Sanford’s Continuing Soap Opera, and How Mediation Can Help: Mark Sanford has deluged all of us with the details of his personal life, and with his perception of those details. Most recently, Mr. Sanford took to Facebook and the newspapers to “update his...
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Charleston Family Lawyer | Top Questions Our Clients Ask

As a Charleston family lawyer, I often get asked many of the same questions by my clients, especially early on in my representation. Here are some of those questions, with the answers, that may help you start to sort through your family law matter in its early stages: 1. “When...
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Divorce Lawyers in Charleston |Text Messages in Family Court

Making changes to procedural rules can sometimes create unpredicted after-affects, which can take some time to become apparent. The South Carolina Supreme Court changed the rules regarding temporary hearings just over a year ago, the most important change being that they set a...
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Charleston Family Court Lawyers: Can I Date During Divorce?

Hands down, no contest, the most frequently asked question of Charleston Family Court lawyers at initial consultation is “when can I date”? Sometimes, the question is posed more subtly, such as inquiring about going out socially in groups or wanting to know more about...
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Proving Adultery | Charleston Divorce Lawyers

It should come as no surprise to readers of this blog that adultery is a pretty steady driver of clientele into our offices. It’s unfortunate that infidelity seems to be such a pervasive character flaw in the human species, but as they say, it is what it is. Divorce lawyers...

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