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Charleston Custody Lawyer | Adultery and Paternity

Unfortunately, not everyone is faithful to his or her spouse. A husband could cheat on his wife, or vice versa. Sometimes, when the wife is the one who has an adulterous affair, the wife can become pregnant with the other man’s child. It can present a difficult situation for a...
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Divorce Lawyers Charleston SC | What Happens at a Temporary Hearing?

A Motion for Temporary Relief, commonly called a “Temporary Hearing,” is the first hearing in most cases filed in Family Court. The hearing itself is scheduled in response to a written motion filed by either side. The various clerk’s offices will schedule the date and...
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Divorce Lawyer Charleston SC | Child Support for High Income Parents

Most people who are in the early stages of searching for a divorce lawyer in Charleston, SC do some internet research before they start actually reaching out to attorneys. If those people are also parents, one of the first topics they are likely to do internet research on is the...
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Charleston Family Court Lawyers | Child Support After Emancipation

Charleston Family Court lawyers are frequently asked about the possibility of extending child support obligations beyond the age of emancipation, which, in South Carolina, is 18 or upon graduation from high school, whichever is latest, but never past age 19. Frequently, the...

Charleston Divorce Attorneys | The Ins and Outs of Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are an under-utilized tool for reducing the conflict and cost associated with divorce. The reasons that prenups are so rare are easy to discern: they take the “romance” out of divorce, they can be expensive and time-consuming to obtain, they are...

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | 10 Ways to Ruin Your Family Court Case

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | 10 Ways to Ruin Your Family Court Case If you really, really want to lose in Family Court (and yes, there is a very broad definition of “losing” in Family Court, but for our purposes here, it means “fail to obtain your objectives”) it is really...
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Divorce Lawyer in Charleston | Picking Your Battles Wisely

“If you treat every situation as a life or death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.” As a divorce lawyer in Charleston, one of my primary responsibilities toward my clients is to help them decide what battles to fight and what issues to let go. Every case is...
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Charleston Divorce: Can I Withhold Visitation From a Parent Who Is Behind on Child Support?

Every day we see custodial parents who are pushed to the brink by unpaid child support obligations. The child support system in South Carolina can be slow, and it certainly is imperfect, so it can seem to a parent struggling because of unpaid support that the system doesn’t...
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Cost of Divorce: An Initial Analysis

Not surprisingly, we field questions about the cost of divorce in our office every day.  Frequently, these queries come in the form of cold calls — an unidentified caller, without providing the most basic of information about himself or herself, expects our office support...
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Charleston Child Support Lawyer | Late Child Support

Charleston Child Support Lawyer: Late Child Support One of the most common assumptions, heard everywhere and often, is that there is a “5-day grace period” for the payment of child support or alimony. Perhaps this mis-understanding evolves from mortgage payments, where statements...

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