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Divorce Lawyers Charleston SC | What Happens at a Temporary Hearing?

A Motion for Temporary Relief, commonly called a “Temporary Hearing,” is the first hearing in most cases filed in Family Court. The hearing itself is scheduled in response to a written motion filed by either side. The various clerk’s offices will schedule the date and...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney | 10 Ways a Client Can Help Their Divorce Lawyer

The quality of the attorney-client relationship in a divorce case is of the utmost importance to achieving a favorable result for the client. Keeping that relationship high quality requires give and take by both the Charleston divorce attorney and the client. Follow these rules...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney | Custody and Military Deployment

A recent custody case in Michigan highlighted the perils that military parents may face when involved in a custody matter, particularly when on deployment.  In that case, Matthew Hindes, active-duty Navy personnel who was deployed on a submarine in the Pacific Ocean, was...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney | Changing a Child’s Name

Changing a child’s name can be a tricky proposition, particularly following a divorce or under circumstances where unmarried parents have a falling out. It’s certainly one thing for parents to part ways, and another to hotly contest custody, but attempting to change a...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney: How Do Family Courts Enforce Their Orders?

If you are living under a Family Court Order – whether the order covers alimony, child support, custody and visitation, property division, restraining orders, or any combination of these – your Charleston divorce attorney should have thoroughly warned about the powers of the...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney: Can I Change My Name When I Get Divorced?

I got a phone call the other day from a woman whose husband I had represented in their recent divorce. She represented herself in the divorce, so I suppose she didn’t know who else to turn to, but now two years after the divorce she wanted to know if the Decree of Divorce...
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Charleston Divorce Lawyers: Reduction of Alimony in South Carolina

The payment of alimony, particularly permanent alimony, is almost always an unpleasant task for the supporting spouse, so it is no surprise that the reduction of alimony is a hot-button topic.This article examines those circumstances under which a supporting spouse is entitled...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney: The Fifth Amendment and Family Court

You have probably kept up with the current news that the IRS Commissioner has invoked her rights under the Fifth Amendment in declining to testify before Congress (see full story here). What does the Fifth Amendment mean for you in your custody case, your alimony case, or your...

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