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Divorce Lawyers in Charleston |Text Messages in Family Court

Making changes to procedural rules can sometimes create unpredicted after-affects, which can take some time to become apparent. The South Carolina Supreme Court changed the rules regarding temporary hearings just over a year ago, the most important change being that they set a...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney: Can I Change My Name When I Get Divorced?

I got a phone call the other day from a woman whose husband I had represented in their recent divorce. She represented herself in the divorce, so I suppose she didn’t know who else to turn to, but now two years after the divorce she wanted to know if the Decree of Divorce...
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Charleston Divorce: Can I Withhold Visitation From a Parent Who Is Behind on Child Support?

Every day we see custodial parents who are pushed to the brink by unpaid child support obligations. The child support system in South Carolina can be slow, and it certainly is imperfect, so it can seem to a parent struggling because of unpaid support that the system doesn’t...
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Charleston Family Court Lawyers: Can I Date During Divorce?

Hands down, no contest, the most frequently asked question of Charleston Family Court lawyers at initial consultation is “when can I date”? Sometimes, the question is posed more subtly, such as inquiring about going out socially in groups or wanting to know more about...

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