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Charleston Family Law Attorney | Top 5 Ways to Solve Problems in Family Court

1) Hire an experienced Charleston family law attorney. Beware of real estate lawyers (for example only) who are trying to make the rent by picking up a family law case here and there. 2) Hire a reasonable Charleston family law attorney. If you want to have an expensive war with...
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Charleston Family Lawyer | Top Questions Our Clients Ask

As a Charleston family lawyer, I often get asked many of the same questions by my clients, especially early on in my representation. Here are some of those questions, with the answers, that may help you start to sort through your family law matter in its early stages: 1. “When...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney | Custody and Military Deployment

A recent custody case in Michigan highlighted the perils that military parents may face when involved in a custody matter, particularly when on deployment.  In that case, Matthew Hindes, active-duty Navy personnel who was deployed on a submarine in the Pacific Ocean, was...
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Charleston Family Court Lawyer | Proving Physical Cruelty

South Carolina can be a dangerous place for a married or cohabiting woman. This state has a particularly rotten and well-deserved reputation for being a den of domestic violence. Every year, it seems South Carolina ranks #1 in the country for men killing women. As a Charleston...

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