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Divorce Lawyers Charleston SC | What Happens at a Temporary Hearing?

A Motion for Temporary Relief, commonly called a ‚ÄúTemporary Hearing,” is the first hearing in most cases filed in Family Court. The hearing itself is scheduled in response to a written motion filed by either side. The various clerk’s offices will schedule the date and...
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Divorce Lawyers in Charleston | What to Expect at Your First Meeting

Going in for the very first meeting with a divorce lawyer in Charleston you may or may not choose to employ? What should you reasonably expect? Here are some things I would include on your list: 1. Were you promptly and politely greeted (both on the phone when you made your...
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James Island Divorce Lawyers | Loving Your Kids After Divorce

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Here is some holiday advice from our James Island divorce lawyers on giving your children special gifts when they are experiencing the divorce or separation of their parents. Every holiday brings strain to children whose parents are...
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West Ashley Divorce Lawyers | Eight Things You Should Know About Appearing or Testifying in Court

As West Ashley divorce lawyers, we are frequently asked by nervous clients how they should look and act when giving testimony on the stand. Our advice in this regard usually varies from client to client, but I recently came upon a pamphlet produced by the Ninth Circuit...

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