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Divorce Attorney Charleston SC | Divorce and the New Tax Law, Part 1

The new tax plans have been a source of real uncertainty for any divorce attorney Charleston SC for several months now. As we have seen this finalized, it now has many people asking how it will affect their current or future settlement agreements. The biggest question that...
divorce attorney charleston sc

The Lawyer as Advocate and Advisor | Divorce Attorney Charleston SC

There comes a point in almost every family court case when the client and divorce attorney Charleston SC disagree on the next steps to take. These disagreements may only be over minor issues and they can be optimal times to flesh out important points of the case and strategize,...
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Charleston Divorce Lawyers | 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself

The decision to represent one’s own interests in court proceedings is never an easy one. Watching the drama play out in the unfolding Dylan Roof trial is a reminder of this. Mr. Roof, a white supremacist accused of perpetrating the horrifying Mother Emanuel shootings,...
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Charleston SC Divorce Attorney | Understanding Alimony

As a Charleston SC divorce attorney, I seem to have fielded more questions about alimony in the first part of this year than I would have usually expected. While we have a good deal of information on the topic on other pages of this site (alimony overview, alimony FAQ, blog post...

Charleston Family Court Attorney | What Happens at the Final Hearing?

Ed. note: This article presupposes a “final hearing” to be one in which the parties are placing an agreement on the record with the Family Court, and are proceeding with a divorce based on one year’s separation. A “final hearing” may also refer to a...
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Divorce Lawyer in Charleston | Picking Your Battles Wisely

“If you treat every situation as a life or death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.” As a divorce lawyer in Charleston, one of my primary responsibilities toward my clients is to help them decide what battles to fight and what issues to let go. Every case is...

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