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Family Court Attorney in Charleston | Manage Costs, and Make Wise Decisions

How to Manage the Cost of Your Family Court Case Be sure you do your homework before hiring a Family Court Attorney in Charleston. It generally will do you no good, and most likely will actively harm you, if you seek the services of an attorney who does not have substantial...
Charleston divorce one lawyer represent both parties

Charleston Divorce: Can One Lawyer Represent Both Parties in a Divorce?

We get asked if we can represent both husband and wife in a Charleston divorce with surprising frequency. Largely, it seems, the question comes from a misunderstanding over what it means for a lawyer to “represent” somebody; what they are really meaning to ask is if...
charleston divorce lawyer cost of divorce

Cost of Divorce: An Initial Analysis

Not surprisingly, we field questions about the cost of divorce in our office every day.  Frequently, these queries come in the form of cold calls — an unidentified caller, without providing the most basic of information about himself or herself, expects our office support...

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