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Cases in which the custody of children is disputed are generally, and perhaps understandably, the most hotly contested and difficult matters to handle in the Family Courts.

It is imperative that you find a Charleston custody lawyer that you can trust to assist you with this type of case. You need an attorney with experience in all kinds of custody matters, and who is intimately familiar with all aspects of South Carolina custody law. And you need an attorney who will listen to your concerns, and tailor your custody case to your aspirations, and lead you toward fulfilling those goals.

Child Support

The South Carolina Child Support Guidelines are designed to limit conflict between parents by providing a single, uniform formula calculating support in (almost) all cases.

Problems still arise when one or both parents try to hide income to reduce or increase the support figure, when parents disagree over the cost of child care, or when one parent is simply unwilling or unable to pay.

Substantial changes in the income or earning capacity of either parent can lead to litigation over increasing or reducing child support payments. These cases are frequently much more difficult to prosecute or defend than they appear to be, and any parent considering filing or defending such a case will be greatly in need of a qualified and experienced child support attorney. Our firm handles such matters on a regular basis, and we are available to consult with you regarding your expectations and possible outcomes.


Visitation, or “time-sharing” as it is sometimes referenced, is the schedule under which parents alternate the physical care of their children. Even in matters in which custody of the children is not in dispute, the resolution of visitation schedules can present a difficult challenge for divorcing parents to overcome.

A good visitation attorney knows that there are a variety of ways to solve the problem of sharing time with the kids, often limited only by the creativity and flexibility of the parents and attorneys involved in the case. Our firm has helped solve hundreds of visitation cases through the years, and has the knowledge and experience needed to help you with your own visitation dispute.

The Charleston custody lawyers at DeTreville Law & Mediation have successfully handled hundreds of custody cases, child support cases, and visitation cases similar to, or just like your own. Please call us at 843-571-0537, contact us here, and visit our FAQ page for a more detailed review of these topic.

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