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Divorce Attorney Charleston SC | Divorce and the New Tax Law, Part 1

The new tax plans have been a source of real uncertainty for any divorce attorney Charleston SC for several months now. As we have seen this finalized, it now has many people asking how it will affect their current or future settlement agreements. The biggest question that...
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Charleston Family Law Attorney | Top 5 Ways to Solve Problems in Family Court

1) Hire an experienced Charleston family law attorney. Beware of real estate lawyers (for example only) who are trying to make the rent by picking up a family law case here and there. 2) Hire a reasonable Charleston family law attorney. If you want to have an expensive war with...

Charleston Family Court Attorney | What Happens at the Final Hearing?

Ed. note: This article presupposes a “final hearing” to be one in which the parties are placing an agreement on the record with the Family Court, and are proceeding with a divorce based on one year’s separation. A “final hearing” may also refer to a...
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Charleston Custody Lawyer: Parental Misconduct

“We all make mistakes.” Certainly, we do, and we hear this all the time. However, it seems like every day parents fail to care properly for their children. Does every parent realize the long-term consequences? The Family Court has the authority to remove a child or children...

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