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Charleston Divorce Lawyers | 3 Things You Must Do When Considering Divorce

One of the challenges all Charleston divorce lawyers deal with at the outset of a case is having a client who is not prepared to begin the process. Often times, this cannot be avoided and a client is surprised by the filing, but in many cases divorce is something that is...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney | 10 Ways a Client Can Help Their Divorce Lawyer

The quality of the attorney-client relationship in a divorce case is of the utmost importance to achieving a favorable result for the client. Keeping that relationship high quality requires give and take by both the Charleston divorce attorney and the client. Follow these rules...
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Charleston SC Divorce Attorney | Understanding Alimony

As a Charleston SC divorce attorney, I seem to have fielded more questions about alimony in the first part of this year than I would have usually expected. While we have a good deal of information on the topic on other pages of this site (alimony overview, alimony FAQ, blog post...

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