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Charleston SC Family Lawyers | How to Change Your Name

Charleston SC family lawyers are called upon to assist our clients in having their names changed in three different situations: 1. Having a child’s name changed. The most common scenario in which a parent may wish to change a child’s name is when the child shares a...
charleston family court lawyers child support after emancipation

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | Child Support After Emancipation

Charleston Family Court lawyers are frequently asked about the possibility of extending child support obligations beyond the age of emancipation, which, in South Carolina, is 18 or upon graduation from high school, whichever is latest, but never past age 19. Frequently, the...

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | 10 Ways to Ruin Your Family Court Case

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | 10 Ways to Ruin Your Family Court Case If you really, really want to lose in Family Court (and yes, there is a very broad definition of “losing” in Family Court, but for our purposes here, it means “fail to obtain your objectives”) it is really...
charleston family court lawyers

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | Grandparent Visitation in South Carolina

The dissolution of a marriage or a parental relationship can traumatize more than just the parents and the children; grandparents stand to suffer a substantial loss of quality time with their grandchildren that they may have once enjoyed. Charleston Family Court lawyers are...
charleston family court lawyers can i date during divorce

Charleston Family Court Lawyers: Can I Date During Divorce?

Hands down, no contest, the most frequently asked question of Charleston Family Court lawyers at initial consultation is “when can I date”? Sometimes, the question is posed more subtly, such as inquiring about going out socially in groups or wanting to know more about...

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