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Charleston Family Law Attorneys | Why Do Divorces Take So Long?

If you have ever been involved in a Family Court case, or if you have even heard about one, chances are good that you have heard complaints about how SLOW it is and HOW LONG everything takes. Even Charleston Family Law attorneys are known to complain. Why can the process be so...

Charleston Family Court Lawyer | Can I Be Reimbursed for my Attorney’s Fees?

Let’s be frank: most people’s idea of a good time is not spending thousands of dollars on a Charleston Family Court lawyer. Most people, when spending thousands of dollars on anything, want it to be on something tangible, or something fun, like a new car, a vacation,...
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West Ashley Divorce Lawyers | Eight Things You Should Know About Appearing or Testifying in Court

As West Ashley divorce lawyers, we are frequently asked by nervous clients how they should look and act when giving testimony on the stand. Our advice in this regard usually varies from client to client, but I recently came upon a pamphlet produced by the Ninth Circuit...

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