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Divorce Lawyers Charleston SC | Don’t Represent Yourself in Family Court

In my opinion, Family Law represents the best efforts of the legislature and the courts to do the right thing for people who may have temporarily lost their ability to find their way without substantial help. In other words, Family Law is an outline of what needs to be done, and...
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Charleston Divorce Lawyers | 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself

The decision to represent one’s own interests in court proceedings is never an easy one. Watching the drama play out in the unfolding Dylan Roof trial is a reminder of this. Mr. Roof, a white supremacist accused of perpetrating the horrifying Mother Emanuel shootings,...
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Charleston Family Law Attorneys | Why Do Divorces Take So Long?

If you have ever been involved in a Family Court case, or if you have even heard about one, chances are good that you have heard complaints about how SLOW it is and HOW LONG everything takes. Even Charleston Family Law attorneys are known to complain. Why can the process be so...
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Charleston Lawyers | Conflict and Mediation, the Sanford Case Study

Mark Sanford’s Continuing Soap Opera, and How Mediation Can Help: Mark Sanford has deluged all of us with the details of his personal life, and with his perception of those details. Most recently, Mr. Sanford took to Facebook and the newspapers to “update his...
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Charleston Family Court Lawyer | Proving Physical Cruelty

South Carolina can be a dangerous place for a married or cohabiting woman. This state has a particularly rotten and well-deserved reputation for being a den of domestic violence. Every year, it seems South Carolina ranks #1 in the country for men killing women. As a Charleston...

Charleston Family Court Attorney | The Perils of Self-Representation

As a Charleston Family Court attorney, I’ve encountered many potential clients who are either attempting to represent themselves in Family Court or have already finished represented themselves in a Family Court case. Each of these types encounter problems with the...

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