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Charleston Lawyers | Conflict and Mediation, the Sanford Case Study

Mark Sanford’s Continuing Soap Opera, and How Mediation Can Help: Mark Sanford has deluged all of us with the details of his personal life, and with his perception of those details. Most recently, Mr. Sanford took to Facebook and the newspapers to “update his...

Family Court Attorney in Charleston | Manage Costs, and Make Wise Decisions

How to Manage the Cost of Your Family Court Case Be sure you do your homework before hiring a Family Court Attorney in Charleston. It generally will do you no good, and most likely will actively harm you, if you seek the services of an attorney who does not have substantial...
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Divorce Lawyer in Charleston | Picking Your Battles Wisely

“If you treat every situation as a life or death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.” As a divorce lawyer in Charleston, one of my primary responsibilities toward my clients is to help them decide what battles to fight and what issues to let go. Every case is...
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Charleston Divorce Lawyer: “Aggressive” or Problem Solver?

So, I try to keep up with the legal blogs being written by other divorce attorneys in Charleston, both as a means of not only keeping myself abreast of developments in the local legal community but also as a means of keeping my mind open to new and different ways to think about...
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Cost of Divorce: An Initial Analysis

Not surprisingly, we field questions about the cost of divorce in our office every day.  Frequently, these queries come in the form of cold calls — an unidentified caller, without providing the most basic of information about himself or herself, expects our office support...

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