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Charleston SC Divorce Lawyer | Co-Parenting During a Hurricane

Any Charleston SC divorce lawyer will tell you that there is an extraordinary amount of stress and uncertainty that comes along with co-parenting and complying with court orders during any type of natural disaster, particularly when evacuations are ordered and each parent would...
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Charleston Lawyers | Conflict and Mediation, the Sanford Case Study

Mark Sanford’s Continuing Soap Opera, and How Mediation Can Help: Mark Sanford has deluged all of us with the details of his personal life, and with his perception of those details. Most recently, Mr. Sanford took to Facebook and the newspapers to “update his...

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | 10 Ways to Ruin Your Family Court Case

Charleston Family Court Lawyers | 10 Ways to Ruin Your Family Court Case If you really, really want to lose in Family Court (and yes, there is a very broad definition of “losing” in Family Court, but for our purposes here, it means “fail to obtain your objectives”) it is really...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney: How Do Family Courts Enforce Their Orders?

If you are living under a Family Court Order – whether the order covers alimony, child support, custody and visitation, property division, restraining orders, or any combination of these – your Charleston divorce attorney should have thoroughly warned about the powers of the...
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Charleston Divorce: Can I Withhold Visitation From a Parent Who Is Behind on Child Support?

Every day we see custodial parents who are pushed to the brink by unpaid child support obligations. The child support system in South Carolina can be slow, and it certainly is imperfect, so it can seem to a parent struggling because of unpaid support that the system doesn’t...

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