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Charleston Custody Lawyer | Adultery and Paternity

Unfortunately, not everyone is faithful to his or her spouse. A husband could cheat on his wife, or vice versa. Sometimes, when the wife is the one who has an adulterous affair, the wife can become pregnant with the other man’s child. It can present a difficult situation for a...

Charleston Custody Lawyer | Morality, Parental Fitness, and Custody

In any custody determination, the Court looks at several factors to decide which parent should be awarded custody of the child. These factors can include: 1) whether one parent is unfit to serve as a custodian; 2) if one parent has served as the child’s primary caregiver; 3) if...

Divorce Lawyer in Charleston SC | Transmutation and Special Equity

One of the main issues every divorce lawyer in Charleston SC encounters is the division of marital property. What constitutes marital property? Marital property is all of the real and personal property, minus a few exceptions, that a couple gains from the date of marriage until...

Charleston Divorce Lawyers | 3 Things You Must Do When Considering Divorce

One of the challenges all Charleston divorce lawyers deal with at the outset of a case is having a client who is not prepared to begin the process. Often times, this cannot be avoided and a client is surprised by the filing, but in many cases divorce is something that is...
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Charleston Divorce Lawyers | Custody and Unmarried Parents

A dispute over custody of a child is one of the most stressful and grueling processes that Charleston divorce lawyers can help their clients face. While child custody disputes are often difficult enough between a divorcing couple, two individuals who are not married and have a...
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Divorce Attorney Charleston SC | Divorce and the New Tax Law, Part 1

The new tax plans have been a source of real uncertainty for any divorce attorney Charleston SC for several months now. As we have seen this finalized, it now has many people asking how it will affect their current or future settlement agreements. The biggest question that...
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The Lawyer as Advocate and Advisor | Divorce Attorney Charleston SC

There comes a point in almost every family court case when the client and divorce attorney Charleston SC disagree on the next steps to take. These disagreements may only be over minor issues and they can be optimal times to flesh out important points of the case and strategize,...
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Charleston SC Divorce Lawyer | Co-Parenting During a Hurricane

Any Charleston SC divorce lawyer will tell you that there is an extraordinary amount of stress and uncertainty that comes along with co-parenting and complying with court orders during any type of natural disaster, particularly when evacuations are ordered and each parent would...
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Charleston SC Divorce Attorneys | Understanding Joint Custody

Custody is generally the most important issue people face when first meeting with Charleston SC divorce attorneys. So in any situation in which a divorcing couple has children, an exploration of the different types of custody is the first topic of conversation. Joint custody is...
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Charleston Divorce Attorney | 10 Ways a Client Can Help Their Divorce Lawyer

The quality of the attorney-client relationship in a divorce case is of the utmost importance to achieving a favorable result for the client. Keeping that relationship high quality requires give and take by both the Charleston divorce attorney and the client. Follow these rules...

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